Vaseline Brighten Lotion Review

Vaseline’s Brighten Body Lotion promises glowing, radiant skin in just 2 weeks with regular use. As one of Vaseline’s newest skin care offerings, does this lotion live up to the hype? I gave it a try over the past month to provide an in-depth review.

I’ve used various lotions and moisturizers in the past but have struggled with dry, dull-looking skin, especially on my legs. Within a few days of using Vaseline’s Brighten Lotion, the dryness and roughness had significantly reduced. My skin not only looked more moisturized but had a healthy glow to it. The lightweight, fast-absorbing formula also made it easy to apply after showers without feeling greasy. 

After 2 weeks, my skin toneness looked more even and the appearance of some old acne scars had diminished. While not a dramatic difference, my legs definitely looked brighter and smoother. The scent is light and refreshing as well. For continual improvement, I’d recommend using the lotion daily as part of your skincare routine. Overall, Vaseline’s Brighten Body Lotion noticeably improved the radiance of my skin within a few weeks.

Customer Reviews

“I’ve always loved Vaseline products and this brighten lotion really made my skin softer and minimized the appearance of dark spots on my legs. It wasn’t an overnight change but I saw steady, noticeable results over 6-8 weeks of using it.”

“While it helped provide moisture, I can’t say this lived up to claims of making your skin brighter. I used it daily for over a month and didn’t see much difference in skin tone or radiance. If you just want a nice moisturizer it works but don’t expect it to transform dull skin.”  

“This lotion noticeably faded some of my surgical scars over time and has a nice texture that rubs in well without being too oily. It leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and smooth. I really like the mild scent too!”


Vitamin B3

Shea butter  

Mineral oil

Cocoa seed butter




Stearic acid


Tocopheryl acetate  

Benefits of Vaseline Brighten Lotion

  1. Deeply moisturizes dry skin
  2. Restores radiant glow  
  3. Evens out skin tone
  4. Fades appearance of scars/blemishes
  5. Smoothes rough, flaky skin
  6. Brightens dull, tired-looking skin

How to Apply Vaseline Brighten Lotion

Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly before applying. Dispense a quarter-sized amount into palm. Gently smooth lotion evenly over entire body, massaging into skin. For best results, use daily, morning and night

How soon will I see results?

Most notice some improvement in skin moisture and luminosity within 1-2 weeks but the full brightening effects take 4-6 weeks of continued use.

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Dermatologist tested and fragrance free, it is suitable for most sensitive skin types but patch test first to check for any irritation.  

Does it protect against sun damage?  

No, it does not contain SPF or sun protection. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen daily when going outside.

Can I use this all over my body?

Yes, it is formulated to be extra gentle for full body application, even on the delicate facial area.

Is there an expiry date written on the package?  

Yes, check the bottom or side of the bottle for the expiration date stamped. Discard after this date.

Is it comedogenic? 

No, this light, oil-free formula is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores.

What is the return policy?

Unopened products can be returned within 60 days per Vaseline’s standard policy. 


Approximately ₦1,850 for 10.5 oz

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