TOPICREM CICA Soothing Cream Review

Centella asiatica, more commonly called cica, has become one of the hottest ingredients in skin care. Known for its calming and antioxidant properties, cica can help soothe the skin, reduce inflammation and redness, and protect against environmental damage. That’s why I was interested in trying out TOPICREM CICA Soothing Cream—it contains 80% high-purity cica along with a few other nourishing skincare ingredients.

After using TOPICREM CICA Soothing Cream for two weeks, I wanted to provide my honest and unbiased review. Keep reading to find out if this cica cream lived up to its claims for me and if I think it’s worth purchasing.

As its name would suggest, the cica is the star of this product. It contains 80% pure centella asiatica extract that is sourced from Korea.

The other 20% of this cream features nourishing botanical ingredients like marshmallow root extract, mugwort extract, calendula flower extract, and more. TOPICREM designed this cream to help soothe dry, irritated skin. As you apply it, the delicious-smelling cream melts into the skin and quenches it with hydration. It’s free of common irritants and with premium ingredients.

For context, let me tell you a bit about my skin. I would characterize my skin type as combination and acne-prone. I deal with some oiliness in my T-zone, yet the skin on my cheeks can lean more dry. Because of this combination skin, I have to be careful about using products that won’t clog my pores or make my oily areas worse.

I also struggle with lingering post-acne red marks and sensitivity. Many times, moisturizers burn or sting my skin if I’m having a particularly sensitive day. So I need something that soothes and repairs irritation, not exacerbates it.

This is exactly why I was so interested in trying TOPICREM CICA Soothing Cream. It promised to provide just what I needed—light moisture that calmed redness and sensitivity without aggravating any acne or clogged pores. The simplicity of the formula also appealed to me.

Ingredients of TOPICREM CICA Soothing Cream

  1. Centella Asiatica (Cica) Extract
  2. Glycerin
  3. Butylene Glycol
  4. Water
  5. Niacinamide
  6. Panthenol
  7. Allantoin
  8. Portulaca Oleracea Extract
  9. Ethylhexylglycerin
  10. Carbomer

My Experience Using TOPICREM CICA Soothing Cream

Onto my actual experience! I used TOPICREM CICA Soothing Cream morning and night after cleansing and toning. I applied it to my entire face and neck, gently massaging the cream into my skin.

Here were my first impressions:

Texture: Lightweight and creamy but not overly thick. Translucent in color. Glided smoothly onto my skin.

Scent: Very light botanical scent. Not cloying or synthetic smelling.

Absorption: Sank into my skin within one minute. No sticky residue left behind.

I did not experience any burning, stinging, or irritating sensations on my sensitive skin, even when applying it to current pimples or healing acne marks. It instantly felt soothing and cool.

Within a few days of consistent use, I noticed:

My skin looked and felt calmer overall, with less visible redness on old acne spots  

My skin seemed brighter and more refreshed upon waking up in the mornings

My cheeks felt adequately hydrated—not dry or tight 

My new pimples didn’t stick around as long and healed faster

Oily areas like my nose and forehead were kept oil-free and matte

My skin was baby soft all over!

These positive effects continued throughout my two weeks of using TOPICREM CICA Soothing Cream. I’m not sure my skin has ever felt this balanced and happy.

Price of TOPICREM CICA Soothing Cream

₦ 16,000

  • Abdulbasit