Piment Doux Lightening Serum

Piment Doux Lightening Serum works to get rid of stubborn dark spots and lighten dark body regions including your inner thighs, elbows, knuckles, knees, and armpits. This serum will completely get rid of any hyperpigmentation on the skin. It swiftly penetrates your skin and is thin with a yellowish tint. It has a significant impact on the body. After a thorough cleansing, your skin feels supple, fresh, and revived. It does a fantastic job of balancing your skin’s complexion. As a result, your skin becomes incredibly clear, even-toned, lively, and attractive.

The packet for the 60ml bottle of piment doux serum is well sealed, and it is made in Cameroon. Piment Doux is openly imprinted on the bottle, which is wrapped and has a label seal on it. The piment doux lightening serum is not advised for people with sensitive skin due to its high degree of activity. Your skin may flake, peel, or turn red in addition to other undesirable effects.

We suggest anyone with sensitive skin who wishes to use piment doux serum first mix it with a moisturizer or foundation cream before putting it on their skin in order to prevent redness and irritation. We also advise anyone using piment doux serum to use it during the day. Given exposure to heat, steam, or sunshine would certainly result in skin damage due to its high potency. It is strongly suggested that you use this serum in addition to piment doux face cream, piment doux lotion, and piment doux soap. This will result in flawless, radiant skin.

Piment Doux Lightening Serum Ingredients

Fruit Acids

Exfoliating Essence

Lavender Essential Oils 


Coenzyme Q10

Collagen Elastin

Vitamins A, E, and D

Piment Doux Lightening Serum Side Effects

There are no negative effects from the Piment Doux Lightening Serum. However, an individual with oily skin could get irritated. As a result, Piment Doux Lightening Serum should be used sparingly by those with oily skin.

Some users report peeling skin, crimson flushes, and sunburns. You must be careful not to use too much Piment Doux Lightening Serum. Using too much in one day can cause skin irritations. If your skin responds to its use, you must cease using it.

Piment Doux Lightening Serum Benefits

Piment Doux Lightening Serum eliminates pimples

It relieves burns.

The Serum also eliminates flaws in the skin.

It eliminates dark spots and makes dark knuckles lighter.

It aids in hydrating and moisturizing the skin and offers sun-damage defense.

Piment Doux Lightening Serum components work to shield the skin from irritants.

Does Piment Doux Serum Include Hydroquinone?

No, there isn’t any hydroquinone included.

How to use Piment Doux Lightening Serum

A small amount of the serum should be gently massaged into your skin until it is completely absorbed.

How to Determine Originality of Piment Doux Lightening Serum

The original piment doux is only made in Cameroon and has a French-only ingredient list.

Piment Doux Lightening Serum Cost in Nigeria

It cost N6500 in markets and cosmetics shops.

Where to buy Piment Doux Lighting Serum:

Genuine serum can be ordered online from trustworthy merchants on Konga or Jumia.


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