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Our mission is to create a reliable beauty and DIY platform in Africa with the help of our powerful resources.

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We motivate people’s interest in improving their living conditions and develop in them a sense of responsibility for their skin issues.
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Launched on the 5th of March, 2020

The Ideal Healthy Living is a beauty and personal care website dedicated to providing for women around the world (most especially in Africa), solutions to their skin problems, flat tummy issues, and relationship problem as well as empowering them with a skill. We do this with help of our powerful resources which are created by the remote working team of health educators and skin therapists. Each day we touch thousands of lives both on and off website and we hope to touch more.

We understands our customer needs thus, we are committed to delivering the fastest and safest solution, at the lowest possible rate. To achieve this, we are constantly innovating, embracing, emerging skin issues and consistently upgrading our products and services, without affecting our customer rates.

The Ideal Healthy Living is outlined among many services as one of the more favorable services due it’s compelling nature in assisting its customers and its guests to its finest, our business ethics, training, understanding, has helped us exceed beyond levels we thought were unimaginable, though today you have that opportunity to help support our growth even further in the beauty and personal care industry as well as taking part in the realistic services that we have to offer.

Backed by our large community of over 300,000 members we believe our success over the past two years is a reflection of our dedication to building trust with our customers and reliable skin care solution that meet today’s demands.

At TIHL, we understand that building and maintaining a reputable organization can only be achieved with customer confidence. We are with a strong focus on quality and innovative skin care solutions. Our services will meet the needs of every customer regardless of their age, gender, location or preferences.

What Our Customers Say

I’ve been following The Ideal Healthy Living for over a year and I just can’t see myself and my family solving our skin issues without it at this point.
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Luthando Khumalo
Nothing beats confidence after treating your acne. I treated my acne through your acne guide. I still can’t believe!
TIHL provides us with detailed and in-depth guides that we need to make strategic decisions. Plus, it is fun and always getting better.
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Omoluabi Mary
I’m confident that anyone can solve their skin issue with TIHL. You’ll get up to speed real quick with their articles, guides, ebooks and other resources available.
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Ali Ali

We’ll Help You Succeed

Solve your skin care issues faster by using The Ideal Healthy Living as your foundation.

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Beautiful Sparkling Skin

No one will tell you how many anti pimple creams, hydrating serums and moisturizers they have put on their skin. Most especially, when there’s several thousands of cream out there.

But what will give you a heads up is when you realize 80% of them contains several perilous chemicals that are not safe for your skin. You want beautiful skin? Here are our two doses for you;

  • Use skincare products made from naturally sourced ingredients. This will give you a slow, steady but the best result.
  • Always follow a simple, better and less complicated skincare routine 
All Skin Types

Our recommendations are suitable for all skin type

Natural Care

We love and uses skin care product made from naturally sourced ingredients which are allergy and cruelty free.

Pure Organic

We preach use of safe only chemicals for the production of beauty and household product.